Erotic Masturbating 101

She sits within nudity as her own hand glides.
Those fingers slip in sliding over womanly wetness.
She looks at me as though she dare me to watch.
She winks at me in naughty ways to drive me senseless.
She licks her luscious upper lips in teasing hot ways.
Then a finger slips deep with the treat of her sweetness.

It is crazy sensual things of powerful erotic sexual naughty.
It is wild for she has me bound to the posters of gothic bed.
It is wild for I am already aroused beyond sanity.
Aroused, standing bound with cuffs at the foot of her bed.
Bound as my sweet womanly honey drip my lower lips.
Madness of wanting her as she begins the moaning cries.

Pleasure cries, deep sensual erotic sounds of her.
Her as one finger becomes three within sloppy wet.
Wet as her fingers drive in deep to build the heat.
Heavenly heat, sloppy wet sounds as she pounds within.
She blows a kiss at me as plays faster within wetness .
She breaths deep in orgasmic release saying, “Taste me”.

(( Erotic Masturbating 101 – WindWhisperer ))